Monday, October 22, 2012

Haunted Attractions That Are Really Haunted

Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia Pennsylvania:

It is found at 2027 Fairmount Avenue Between Corinthian Avenue and North 22nd Street in the Fairmount section of the city, and was operational from 1829 until 1971.
    At the time of it's operation this Penitentiary was not a place you wanted to be. The guards and councilors of the facility designed a variety of physical and psychological torture regimens for various infractions, including dousing prisoners in freezing water outside during winter months, chaining their tongues to their wrists in a fashion such that struggling against the chains would cause the tongue to tear, strapping prisoners into chairs with tight leather restraints for days on end, and putting the worst behaved prisoners into a pit called "The Hole", an underground cellblock dug under cellblock 14 where they would have no light, no human contact, and little food for as long as two weeks.

    So what can you expect when you go there for the Attraction, well maybe a real life angry sprite of a prisoner who didn't make it out, or just really great actors in makeup. Check out this video and you be the judge. It should be noted that children under the age of 7 are not permitted. 
    And if your wondering is this place really worth it, is it truely scary or is it a waste of time. Well let's put it this way a travel website in the U.K recently named Terror Behind the Walls one of the top 5 Halloween destinations in the world. So what are you waiting for go and get your tickets today and get scared out of your mind.  
    Try checking out their Facebook page they have some usefull information that'll help you out.

The Dent Schoolhouse:

Located at 5963 Harrison Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45248, USA.
   The school opened up in 1894 and was shut down in the 1950's after it was discovered that a janitor named Charlie Mcfree killed some of the children and put the bodies in the basement.
    People started to notice an odd smell coming from the basement of the school house, but the janitor convinced them it was backed up pipes. The smell would re-emerge in 1955 after the disappearance of seven more children. This time a mob formed and broke into the basement, only to find the rotting corpses of the missing students. The janitor was immediately suspected but no one was ever able to find him. Today, the school reportedly still holds the spirits of the children whos lives were taken so brutally, as well as the janitor himself. Maybe looking for more victims who knows. 
    The Dent Schoolhouse also happenes to be the home of one of the best haunted attractions in Ohio.
And if this video still doesn't convince you, The Dent School is listed on Discovery Channel's Scariest Haunted Houses in America.

Here's there Facebook Page if you'd like to check them out.

Pennhurst Asylum Spring City Pennsylvania:

Opening on November 23, 1908, thing's went from bad to worse. Overcrowding lead to uncleanliness, and as if that wasn't already bad in 1968, it was revealed through a five-part television news report that patients especially the children were being slapped, beaten (including the ones in wheelchairs) to arranging for patients to assault each other. Thankfully it was ultimately closed in 1987. 
    Now The Asylum is a Haunted attraction that scare's the hell out of thousands of people nightly every year this time of the month, and if the actors wearing the makeup don't scare you, perhaps maybe one of the spirits of the patients will, cause it's said this place is crawling with them.    

Think I'm making the scare the hell out of you part up take a look at this video and you be the judge. Check out there Facebook page here.

Cutting Edge Haunted House, Fort Worth Texas:

Cutting Edge Haunted House is a dark attraction filled with terrifying live actors, amazing special effects and incredible monsters. Celebrating its new Guinness World Record, this intense, cutting edge, multi-story, multi-themed haunted attraction is widely considered to be one of the best Haunted Houses in the nation, full of chilling detail and unbelievable scares!
    Located in a 100-year-old abandoned meat packing plant in a section of Fort Worth historically dubbed as "Hell's Half Acre," the Cutting Edge Haunted House is built upon a foundation of fear. The meat packing equipment from the Old West is still in use, but now it is a two-story human processing area. Realistic looking human mannequins are hoisted up to the second level and brought through the entire meat packing process until the conveyor system brings the butchered corpses back to the first level. The old meat-packing plant in downtown Fort Worth is a great home for the fantastic special effects that our loyal customers have come to expect." It takes visitors an average 55 minutes to explore Cutting Edge Haunted House. The walk-through is replete with frighteningly-realistic props
    Cutting Edge Haunted House has established a reputation for being one of the best haunted houses in the nation. The new Guinness World Record has helped to solidify Cutting Edge Haunted House's standing as one of the country's best and largest haunted houses. Come see what new horrors lurk in the twisting corridors of Fort Worth’s ultimate haunted house.

   This attraction is truly the freakiest of all but also if you can make it through it the funnest. Now naturally with an attraction like this there are warnings.

 Do not enter if you suffer from Asthma - Heart conditions - Seizures - or any type of Mental, Physical, Respiratory and or Medical problems. Or are Pregnant.

and as usual here is there Facebook page.


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