Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Haunted Playground In Argentina

       In Firmat Argentina, there is a playground to most it would look average, except for the swing that just so happens to be swinging by itself.
    In June 2007, a swing in a childrens playground was reported to the police after locals had discovered that it would move backwards and forwards non-stop on its own for ten days before stopping dead, while other swings would remain still. The police, who couldn't conclude an explanation called physics professors. But by October that year, even scientists were "baffled" and could not offer a logical explanation.
    Parents and children were convinced that a ghost was to blame. according to a teacher. " One child called it the blair witch playground. We believe it is haunted". Parents decided that the playground must indeed be haunted.
    A story is told that a little boy was killed in a tragic accident at a construction site not far from the playground, could he be going there to have fun with other children his age?.
    Well some think that isn't likely in fact on April 13, 2011 an episode of the syfy channel show, fact or faked: Paranormal files, went to Firmat to investigate the haunted swing. They were able to recreate the movement of the swing with a monofilament, but determind that it was not a viable hoax. Ultimately, after covering the swing with an inflatable dome and performing simulated wind test, they determined that wind was the likely culprit coulped with the fact that the haunted swing was slightly larger than the other swings and had more surface area to catch the wind.

Watch the video below and tell me what you think it is the wind or a ghost child.


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