Friday, January 27, 2012

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

Is a historic Spanish-style hotel located 7000 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. Named after Theodore Roosevelt.
    It first opened its doors on May 15, 1927. It cost 2.5 Million to complete this twelve story building which holds 300 rooms and suites.
    The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel hosted the presentation of the 1st Academy Awards in 1929 inside its blossom ballroom. Later ceremonies were much larger than its banquet for 250, so there was never an attempt to host the awards at the hotel a second times.
    Frances Farmer was the guest of honor in the early 1950's after appearing on This Is Your Life. Marilyn Monroe was a resident at the Hollywood Roosevelt for two years when her modeling career took off. Her first Magazine shoot was taken on the diving board on the pool behind the hotel, which was recently removed. The hotel's remodeled pool contains an underwater mural painted by David Hockney.
    It is said this hotel is haunted by the once famous people who inhabitated it. 
    Marilyn Monroe stayed in Cabana suite 229, which overlooked the pool. A mirror which once hung in her room, now in storage following hotel renovations, is said to be haunted by her spirit. Employees still see a blonde woman staring at them when they look into the mirror. 
    The 9th floor has been known to feature apparitions, sounds, and cold spots. Many employees have claimed to see a man in a suite turn the corner and walk out of the emergency exit. They try to speak with the man, but he will not even look at them. At night, guests claim there are disturbing loud footsteps, and noises that sound like they are from the trumpet. Some people have thought that these claims may be linked to Montgomery Clift, who lived at the Hollywood Roosevelt, in room 928 for three months while filming "From Here to Eternity" in 1953. Clift used to walk up and down the 9th floor playing his trumpet and rehearsing his lines. Room 928 has also been claimed to be haunted. Things have been moved around from guest's belongings without them doing anything. One lady claimed that she woke up in the middle of the night and saw a man in a top hat and suit sitting on her suitcase, looking out the window. She simply ignored him, thinking to herself that she was imagining things, and went back to sleep. When she woke up and called for help to bring her suitcase back down to her car, she turned around to see that the contents of her suitcase, which had been packed at night, were scattered around the room. Could this be Clift trying to send her a message?
    Cabana Suite 213 is claimed by many paranormal investigators to be one of the most haunted and filled with activity. According to the front desk employees, there are a steady stream of people who check out of this room in the middle of the night, all saying the same thing: "There is something that just isn't right with that room." So far, about ten people to have claimed seeing a man with no head coming at them. Also, there have been claims that the TV randomly turns on and off on its own, the coffee maker starts doing strange things, and the sink goes on and off. Paranormal investigators have also picked up strange voices in recordings screaming that "Someone died here!' or "Turn around".
    Some of the most common supernatural sightings occur in the Blossom Ballroom. In one corner of the ballroom, many people claim to have heard voices, and feeling cold spots. Others have seen apparitions of people dancing around the ballroom, and on the walls. A number of people have claimed to have seen Marilyn Monroe in the ballroom, dancing or posing. In the top balcony of the Blossom Ballroom, paranormal investigators and experts claim that there is a portal. There has been many pictures taken there that have shown orbs and apparitions.



  1. Hopefully you still review site and that my note to you finds you and yours doing well. September 8 through 10th 2011. I stayed at the Roosevelt Hotel on the 8th I believe we were in room 123 by the pool. 9th and 10 We were in the Gable and Lombard penthouse # 1200 we had an event for my 50th birthday. I have stayed @ the hotel on muliple occasions during the years of 2010 through 2013. Security & parking staff seem to know me by face because of my repeated stays. The reason I am writing is I was wondering if anyone has ever reported findings or experiences. Reason hoping to confirm that someone else had similar experience or findings. I have a couple of photographs from a one time use/throw away camera that looks like a possible entity and a man's face in the bathroom sink. I didn't see these things while taking the pictures. Plus While I was in the penthouse alone attempting to get ready for my party. I was in the shower on the second floor and my life size motion sensor Skeleton Butler that sounds like Sean Counery was activated I first verbally called out thinking maybe hotel staff came in or a guest arrived response so I stepped out of shower looked and asked again if anyone was there. No one was.
    I/ we did a walk through of the penthouse on the 8th early enough in the day not to interfer with the guest that had penthouse that evening. So, I wasn't completely new to the surrounding. The Reason why I was alone is my other half went to see if he could find and buy a camera because the camera I had with me and used the day before stopped working. I didn't think too much about it and when the hotel staff came by to switch out bed for table and chairs I did ask them if this was the 1st time they came by to complete task of switching the furniture. Reply received was yes...1st time today which confirmed I was alone in my mind. After they were done with furniture switch I continued to get ready for the night. my other half still was out and I was getting to many interruptions which put me behind schedule so I attempted to use my cell and call him to get his ETA, my cell wasn't working either. Both items had full charge and I just figured oh nothing I can do. I was wondering what next
    Wouldn't work. Stranger things have happened in my life then having muliple items stop working on the same day but not usually on my birthday day before or after my birthday maybe just not on my birthday. That was on a Friday 9th, he did finally return with a expensive new camera which neither of us had time to figure out how to use it so only thing left was the through away camera and I can't remember if it was a camera I had some shots left to use up or a new one. The camera that stopped working that he replaced was fairly new. I tried a few times to see if I could get either item to work during the rest of our stay and failed. After checking out of hotel and almost home I tired cell phone again and it did work. I was so confused cell didn't work for just under 2 Days and now it's working. This was a first for me. Once we unpacked I tried camera once again and it to worked. I thought maybe I'm stupid or something how could this be? I apologize for my never ending close I love and use the replacement camera I still have the camera that stopped working and the last time I checked it still does. Cell worked until I went for an upgrade. Please if possible confirm receipt of this and then a follow-up of your thoughts? Strange or?
    Thank you

    1. Pam I find your story very interesting, it does fit in with a friends experience, it has been awhile since she told me her story so I cant remember what floor she was on. But she brought a few things with her to find out for herself if the hotel was actually haunted, she took a digital camera, a voice recorder and a few packs of brand new batteries. She was able to take pictures during the day however that evening she decided to go to some areas I told her to check out playing it smart she took her new batteries with her, she did get a few pics and what sounded like a person talking to her through her voice recorder, someone she didn't see. her camera that had worked before quit so she replaced the batteries however all the batteries stopped working in every pack which were 3. Her voice recorder also stopped working. She figured it was nothing but faulty batteries she tried to use her cell but the battery had drained nothing worked, she said she felt very uneasy so she decided to go back to her room and watch some tv she ended up falling asleep only to wake up to her camera taking pics which didn't make since to her since the batteries didn't work for her earlier. She decided that was to scary for her and decided to take the batteries out of her camera however some how it still turned on and snapped a few more pics. she then packed the camera away, and got a little more rest until she woke up again but this time the room was freezing cold and she could see her breath. It she said she started to get the uneasy feeling again she said that she seen some smoke or fog as she put it at the foot of her bed and seen a woman form at the foot of her bed. At this point she had enough of the hotel and checked out that night and has never been back she even refuses to go with a friend.
      I believe you had an interesting experience as spirits do drain batteries to gather more energy the more batteries the stronger they become as it takes a lot of energy for them to form, move something or even say anything. When your thing went off and no one was in the room otherwise to set it off it was a spirit trying to communicate with you however because they didn't have that much energy to form fully.
      The faces you seen are a little easier to get as well as orbs or what looks like smoke or streaks of light because they don't need the energy from batteries they feed off your energy. I hope this helps.